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FGI Varnished Polyester (Terylene) Tape is a flexible, high-quality material crafted by impregnating a woven polyester fabric with an electrical-grade synthetic varnish. Typically yellow in color, Iso-Varnished Terylene is a straight-cut tape that remains flexible over a wide temperature range without cracking when creased. It offers excellent resistance to cold or hot water, acids, alkalis, salt solutions, petrol, white spirit, and impregnation varnishes and resins used in VPI, trickle, and drip operations.

Available in various thicknesses and widths, FGI Varnished Tape can cater to different thermal classes, making it a versatile solution for diverse electrical insulation applications.


  • Straight-cut design for easy application
  • Excellent tensile strength for reliable, long-lasting performance
  • Can cater up to thermal class B (130°C or 266°F)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • RoHS compliant, ensuring adherence to environmental and safety standards
  • Available in different thicknesses and widths


Properties Units Value
Thickness Load mm 0.13 ± 0.015
Breaking Load N/mm 8.5 (minimum)
Electric Strength kV/mm 40 (minimum)
Thermal Class °C 130 (B)
Shelf Life Months 24
Colour - Yellow
Standard widths mm 20, 25 (other
widths on request)
Standard Roll Length m 50 (other
available on request)
Standard Core mm 50 (other
available on request)


Varnished Polyester (Terylene) tape is used as an insulation in winding of Turbo, Hydro Generators, Traction motors and AC Machines where a flexible high temperature tape exhibiting a high electric strength is required. Iso Varnished Terylene is commonly used for the insulation of the winding joints and end winding sections. Other applications are Cable Insulation, Conductor wrapping, Connection wrapping, Armature protection caps.

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